We Could All Use Something To Make Us Smile

With everything going on in the Austin area, we could all use something to make us smile.

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Cat Mountain Grill

Wanted to tell you guys about Cat Mountain Grill in case you haven’t been. This locally owned and operated burger joint has excellent food and great atmosphere. My favorite is the Ahi-Tuna Burger. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this post to check out the special. Read more of this post

August Was Our Hottest Ever


I thought this was a little relief from the heat since August was our hottest month ever.

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New Email Address

I have a new email address Ryan@RyanReberHomes.com. You can still reach me at my old email, but starting to direct all traffic there. So if you know anyone looking please remember, one of the greatest compliments I can receive is a referral from a friend or satisfied client. If you or anyone you know is considering leasing, buying, selling, investing, needs help finding a Realtor anywhere in the US or simply has a Real Estate question, please have them contact me. I will be happy to help in any way! Read more of this post

Top 10 Post in August

Here are the top 10 post on Welcome to Austin in August:

  1.  Bad Day at The Office
  2. Just Moved!
  3. Too Hot To Swim Outside
  4. Natural Swimming Holes in the Austin Area
  5. Happy To Not Be In College Anymore
  6. Taylor, TX
  7. How to Remove Private Info From All Background Check Sites
  8. Off Leash Dog Parks
  9. 1322 Solitaire Round Rock TX 78665
  10. Coxville Zoo Part 1

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