Just moved!

Man has it been a busy August. Closed on the new house on August 4th, thinking it would give us enough time to move slowly and get everything ready by the time we needed to move out of our apartment on October 15th. Boy was I wrong!

After deciding to try and see if we could sublet the apartment for the last 2 months of the lease was surprised how many people reached out and had it rented the day I put up the ad. This meant stepping up the moving plans to ASAP. Getting a moving truck last Wednesday morning getting everything thing out and cleaning the apartment by Thursday evening for a Friday transfer my aging body is not happy with me.

About the house. Built in ’77 it is a mid-century ranch style layout. It is a little of a fixer upper but that’s what we were looking for. Most of the home is still it’s original build. Here are some pictures but I will definitely keep you updated as we bring the home up to it’s contemporary form. But I am currently having to update this form a Starbucks because I don’t get Internet for another 3 days.

Ryan Reber | REALTOR® | Keller Williams Realty | Austin, TX
Cell: 512.554.1106 | Office: 512.346.3550 | E-fax: 512.623.6366
RyanReber@KW.com | www.RyanReberHomes.com


3 Responses to Just moved!

  1. Rand Martin says:

    Love it…that house has some style! Congrats to you both!

  2. Gavin- Real Estate Pro says:

    Congrats young man! Austin is ready for the taking! You are def an up and coming superstar in Austin Real Estate!

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